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Springbox pop-up product

Advertising, marketing and promotional products to capture the imagination

We use the words "Pop-Up Mailers" to describe our range of advertising, marketing and promotions products, most of which are used in Business-to-Business direct marketing and advertising promotions.

Each product has a high degree of user-interaction, which is designed to hold the attention of your customers. The interaction might be in the form of an automatic pop-up action or it could be manual interaction.

The whole point is the capture the imagination of the user for sufficient time for your advertising or marketing promotion to make its point.

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pop-up cube and pen holder

How to get creative with your Advertising, Marketing and Promotions

One of the biggest challenges faced by advertising and marketing professionals is how to present their product or service in a new and creative way. Creative professionals wrack their brains to come up with new ideas for advertising, marketing and promotions for their own companies or their clients.

Our range of Pop-up Mailers offers many advertising and marketing ideas as with products that grow, change pictures or turn. It could be the elements of fun and surprise offered by automatic pop-ups that generates the ideas for a promotion.

There is bound to be something here that will be the answer to your direct marketing problems and our free sample pack is full of ideas for advertising, marketing and promotions for all creative professionals.


Flicker card interactive mailer

Ideas to make your direct marketing promotion work harder to get you noticed

Millions of items of business-to-business advertising, marketing and promotional material go straight into the bin without ever being read and this is something that direct marketing professionals should try to avoid at all costs.

Your direct mail pack or envelope should look interesting and be made to stand out in the stack of business mail that arrives on your customer’s desk each morning. The contents should capture and hold your customer’s attention for as long as possible. Once your marketing promotion has made its point, wouldn’t it be great if your mailer was passed around your customer’s office and then be kept on his desk for months.

All this is possible with our pop-up mailers and you will find ideas and products to suit all of your advertising, marketing and promotions throughout this website.

Look who's talking...

"One of the critical success factors of Ryder Cup 2010 was the special warmth of the Welsh welcome. The Foldilocks product helped us reinforce key positive messages about Wales so that the home 'team' could win on and off the course."

Peter Cole, Regional Strategy Director

"Our client required a high volume sales presenter / mailshot solution in a typically tight lead time. The team at Whitney Woods were able to provide a solution and managed it from concept through to production and then delivery.

Customer service was excellent and the project was managed pro-actively and comprehensively throughout.

The feedback we received from our client was excellent – the piece was well received at all levels within the client's business and most importantly, with their customers.

We look forward to working with Whitney Woods again in the future"

Matt Ward, TenThirtyFive Ltd

"We were absolutely delighted with the service we received from Whitney Woods. The staff were extremely friendly and efficient and above all else our client was over the moon with the finished product - a pop-up pyramid."

Tanya Sutherland, Director
TMS Media, Great Yarmouth

"This was a tricky brief and I had no idea where to get this done, but once speaking with Whitney Woods and seeing thesamples they provided, I was reassured that they are the experts in this field. With easy to use templates and guidance throughout from a very helpful team, the job was delivered ahead of time and to the great satisfaction of the client. Brilliant job and many thanks!"

Richard Crossley,

"The pop-up box produced by Whitney Woods is indeed a surprise. It has that certain factor that all companies strive for when trying to find the hook that keeps a name in someone’s memory. I know for a fact that customers old and new keep our boxes close at hand because of its uniqueness. Anything that stays on someone’s desk for longer than a day is indeed a marketing tool to be proud of."

Andrew Bown-Copley, Director
Eagle Design Studio, Rotherham

"We were attempting to design a mailer which was innovative, memorable and fun for our client who sells animal bandages to vets and stables. The idea we'd come up with, we thought would be difficult to implement to say the least, but Whitney Woods not only mocked up a good working sample to our design, they also printed and produced the full run of interactive mailers to a very high standard and decent price."

Dominic Adams
Network Design and Marketing, Leeds

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